White Bread

Soft and fresh with that just baked aroma, our range of Kingsmill White Breads has something for all the family. Why not have your local milkman deliver your bread on a regular order, so that way you never run out?


Kingsmill 50/50, Medium, 800g
Was £1.55, Valid until 30/12/17


Kingsmill 50/50, Thick, 800g
Was £1.55, Valid until 30/12/17


Kingsmill 50/50 Sandwich Thins, 6 pack


Kingsmill Super Toasty Loaf, 750g


Kingsmill Soft White, Thick, 800g


Kingsmill Soft White, Medium, 800g
Was £1.55, valid until 30/12/17


Kingsmill Farmhouse White, 800g


Kingsmill Seeded, 800g


Part-baked Long Life French Baguettes, 2 Pack


Croissants, 4 Pack

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